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Bearing Witness Retreats

Fleet has led peacemaker street retreats in Denver, Colorado and Austin Texas.   He is a spirit holder and leader of the annual Auschwitz-Birkenau Bearing Witness Retreat in Poland and co-founded the Rwanda Bearing Witness Retreat and Peace Initiative. Fleet is dedicated to transforming the roots of violence in our societies – from family violence, to urban crime, to genocide and war. A guiding principles for these Bearing Witness programs, along with the Three Tenets above, is to “Include All the Voices.”
Three Tenets
  • Not Knowing – letting go of fixed ideas about ourselves, others and the world

  • Bearing Witness – the practice of bearing witness to things as they are, all the joy and suffering in our world

  • Loving Action – effective, compassionate and sustainable action, bringing healing and transformation to a troubled world

Include All Voices

We seek to include all the voices in any conflict and promote awareness of and space for honoring voices not present. We seek to shift shame and fear-based core beliefs and values to shared values grounded in the recognition of the the oneness of life and the innate goodness of all beings. We seek to shift individuals, communities and institutions from scarcity to abundance thinking and from win/lose to win/win and partnership paradigms. ~ Fleet Maull

Rwanda & Poland

For more information on bearing witness retreats at Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland and in Rwanda and Zen Peacemaker street retreats. To hear more, please see the video below and visit the Zen Peacemakers website.

Imagining Peace

Fleet was a featured speaker and trainer at the 2013 Imagining Peace in Chicago organized by the Chicago Shambhala Center and co-chaired by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, addressing issues of youth violence on the streets of Chicago and inviting a group of over 600 youth and adults from violence torn Chicago neighborhoods to imagine the peace that wants to emerge in their communities.
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