Fleet Maull Transformative Justice - Fleet Maull

Prison Mindfulness Movement

Fleet Maull founded Prison Mindfulness Institute in 1989 and National Prison Hospice Association in 1991, two nonprofit organizations dedicated to transforming the criminal justice and corrections systems through the promotion of restorative and transformative justice, mindfulness-based programs and training for prisoners and corrections professionals and compassionate, quality end of life care for prisoners.

Prison Mindfulness Institute (aka Prison Dharma Network) has over 175 organizational members and several thousand individual members providing mindfulness-based programs in prisons, jails and juvenile facilities throughout the United States and many other countries.  PMI's Path of Freedom programs are now offered in correctional facilities in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Australia, Canada, Chile and Sweden.


Prison Hospice Movement

The National Prison Hospice Association catalyzed a national prison hospice movement that now includes more than 75 hospice programs in state and federal correctional facilities in the United States, positively transforming end of life care in corrections.

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