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Fleet has been a Partner in the firm New Line Consulting since 2001.  New Line Consulting is a full service business and management consulting firm providing management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development & training, strategic planning, and other business consulting services to a wide array of clients in the for-profit, governmental and nonprofit sectors.  Fleet specializes in breakthrough executive coaching with CEO's and other high impact leaders and in guiding organizations through the kind of in-depth change, transformation and reengineering that drives innovation and high performance, setting business enterprises up for decades of profitable growth.  


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The process of change is disruptive, complex, and can inspire feelings ranging from dread to exhilaration. Whether due to rapid growth, a merger, market pressures, or new technology, dramatic organizational shifts are becoming increasingly common. Successfully navigating these upheavals -- while continuing to operate a business day-to-day -- presents executives with a unique challenge.

Two tasks are critical for the success of any change initiative: developing a clear strategic framework and providing a process for staff to positively engage the change. New Line offers expert guidance in both arenas as well as personal coaching for executives facing the pressures of changing.

A key element of our role is helping keep the change process in motion and transitioning it into successful growth. The vision of the outcome must be communicated consistently, new skills must be developed, and organizational resources must be aligned with desired outcomes. Our consultants have experience with projects ranging from major acquisitions to restoring profitability; from changing culture to dealing with sudden expansions. With practice proven instruments, we insure that the balancing act between capitalizing on opportunities and maintaining employee morale is successfully accomplished.

Creative Problem Solving: Real Solutions to Organizational Challenges

Most organizations already have the people and information necessary to solve their problems. Still, problems persist unresolved or glowing opportunities are not capitalized upon. Creative solutions, sometimes requiring little investment of time or money, elude most organizations simply because they do not have proven methods to effectively tap the resources they possess.

An Information Factory
New Line Consulting enables organizations to harness the talent of their people through powerful processes of creative problem solving, planning, and implementation. In place of conventional meetings, we create a "solutions factory." Facilitators and participants bring questions, ideas, and experience to the process. Through unique methods that support both information management and the human creative process, this raw material is then refined into the finished product: a concise action plan that fully endorsed by all participants.

Earning Commitment
A key element in our work is gaining genuine buy-in from everyone involved in solving the problem, from senior management to hourly employees. Involvement from New Line allows diverse individuals to work together effectively without anyone being diminished in the process. As a result, the solutions that are selected have the commitment of key personnel at all levels of the organization.

Our methods are built around a simple model of creative problem solving called "Scan-Focus-Act." Some groups are paralyzed by different options and possibilities; they are lost in the "scan" phase. Other groups feel trapped in the current circumstance and see no possibility for improvement; they are slaves to a relentless "focus." Still others jump to conclusions about the nature of the problem and move directly to implement a set of hastily drawn-up actions. They are stuck in the "act" phase. New Line insures that teams work effectively together through each step of Scan-Focus-Act. Groups are therefore able to solve problems and formulate plans of action at a highly accelerated rate.

Whether you are working on increasing profitability, effectively disseminating information, resolving interpersonal issues, or a strategic plan, our processes will help your organization succeed in a fraction of the time required by conventional meetings.

Typical Format: An initial four-hour Assessment Session followed by additional sessions, as needed, depending on the nature of the problem.


The Positive Accountability System
The Positive Accountability System is a powerful process for creating the future and maintaining personal accountability. Incorporating goal setting, performance measurement, and time management, it can be used either by individuals or teams to dramatically increase overall performance. The foundation of the Positive Accountability System is a precise, results-oriented Personal Action Plan that causes one to think about and relate to one′s job in a new way.

Outcomes from using the System include:

    • Improved productivity. Individuals using this tool will work in a more focused and results-oriented way than before.
    • Increased clarity in supervising staff. The level of specific goal setting this process demands makes monthly reviews of staff performance easy, simple, and efficient.
    • Greater accuracy evaluating staff performance. Using the System makes performance-based incentives far easier to measure and apply.

Typical Format: 2 four-hour sessions plus follow up


High Performance Teamwork: Unlocking Breakthrough Potential
For many of us, our most memorable professional accomplishments have come when we were part of a group working together toward a common goal. We have all experienced the almost telepathic rapport that comes when a team of individuals functions as a single organism, moving together and responding as one. The phenomenon of High Performance Teamwork is both personally fulfilling and professionally effective, producing results that might literally have been viewed as impossible prior to achieving them.

The Foundation of Extraordinary Teamwork
The essential qualities that allow for exceptional team performance are clarity of purpose and trust. Teamates do not always have to agree, but with a common purpose and mutual trust, high performance can occur.

Deepening Relationship & Communication
Trust and respect are dependent upon knowing someone personally, and New Line’s team development work focuses on strengthening the personal ties between team members as well as functional improvements in the team. Our customized programs help team members discover new levels of authenticity, appreciation, and mutual commitment, resulting in a level of teamwork participants have not experienced before. 

Typical Format: 2-3 day intensive training plus follow up



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