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Fleet has been a Partner in the firm New Line Consulting since 2001.  New Line Consulting is a full service business and management consulting firm providing management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development & training, strategic planning, and other business consulting services to a wide array of clients in the for-profit, governmental and nonprofit sectors.  Fleet specializes in breakthrough executive coaching with CEO's and other high impact leaders and in guiding organizations through the kind of in-depth change, transformation and reengineering that drives innovation and high performance, setting business enterprises up for decades of profitable growth.  

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For more information about New Line Consulting, please visit:  http://new-line-consulting.com/

High Performance: A Way of Being
High performance is the ability to consistently produce exceptional results while staying true to one’s essential values. It is dependent upon a state of internal clarity and external flow in which we relate to circumstances with unusual passion, creativity, and commitment.

What Sets Great Performers Apart?
There are precise principles and mental models that characterize outstanding performers no matter what their field. High performance cannot be reached simply by applying a set formula, however. With technical competence as a foundation, it can be achieved through a process of learning that has two distinct components:

It reveals the underlying principles of high performance to us in immediate, practical, and personally useful ways. It progressively eliminates the internal obstacles that hold us back.

Self-Knowledge: The Key to Powerful Leadership

The cornerstone of our work with leaders is Socrates’ dictum, "Know thyself." Visionary leaders know more than just their own organizations or industries; they have developed an intimacy with themselves that allows them to utilize their personal strengths with rare effectiveness. Through self-knowledge one comes to personal commitment; through personal commitment one comes to a rich sense of meaning in professional life.

Getting to High Performance
New Line uses a combination of intensive training, executive coaching, strategic planning, and group problem solving to facilitate a comprehensive shift in organizational performance. Our style is dynamic and highly participatory, incorporating new conceptual models, interactive learning games, personal feedback, and practical application.

Typical Format: 2-3 day intensive training plus follow up

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