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Strategic Planning

Fleet has been a Partner in the firm New Line Consulting since 2001.  New Line Consulting is a full service business and management consulting firm providing management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development & training, strategic planning, and other business consulting services to a wide array of clients in the for-profit, governmental and nonprofit sectors.  Fleet specializes in breakthrough executive coaching with CEO's and other high impact leaders and in guiding organizations through the kind of in-depth change, transformation and reengineering that drives innovation and high performance, setting business enterprises up for decades of profitable growth.  

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For more information about New Line Consulting, please visit:  http://new-line-consulting.com/

Setting A Clear Course
What could be more important than determining the future of your organization? Clearly defined goals and strategies are critical for making sound business decisions as well as for basic productivity. Studies have indicated that planned activity is typically three times more efficient than unplanned activity, yet many organizations struggle forward without a clear, thorough, and -- most important of all -- practical strategic plan.

The Planning Process
We use an integrated, step-by-step planning process that is quick, focused, and action-orientated.

STEP ONE:              Defining Mission and Values

STEP TWO:             Clarifying Vision

STEP THREE:          Formulating Strategy

STEP FOUR:            Setting Organizational & Departmental Goals

STEP FIVE:              Developing Personal Action Plans

Gaining Staff Commitment
A unique aspect of our approach is the creative engagement of staff. Employees will support a world they help create; using proven methods for group collaboration, we involve your people in the planning processes in a way that frequently generates breakthrough ideas and alway results in a new level of engagement. The greatest plan is only as valuable as its successful application and when it comes to application, staff commitment often means the difference between success and failure.

Strategic Implementation

A strategy is only as valuable as its implementation.

Our Approach
The challenge in implementing strategy is to transition from broad objectives into concrete, highly coordinated action steps that have the support of those who will put them in place. Our implementation process results in detailed, practical goals that align with overall strategic aims and have specific start and completion dates. Each goal within the larger plan is designated to one individual, who is responsible for on-going project supervision as well as the final result.

We clearly identify critical success factors for the implementation phase of our work with clients and provide on-going support in the form of coaching, skills training, facilitation, and problem solving. Through connecting strategic aims and operative actions, we form a bridge between your vision of the big picture and real world application, creating a foundation for prosperity both now and in the future.

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