Fleet Maull Radical Responsibility at Copper Beech Institute - West Hartford, CT - Fleet Maull

Radical Responsibility at Copper Beech Institute – West Hartford, CT

08 Feb 2019 - 10 Feb 2019 | 05:00 pm - 01:00 pm
Place : 303 Tunxis Road West Hartford, CT, 06107
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Radical Responsibility
Training for Personal and Social Transformation

Friday, February 8 – Sunday, February 10, 2019

in West Hartford, CT

This intensive weekend retreat offers training in Mindfulness-Based Emotional Intelligence (MBEI). In a safe, supportive, contemplative environment, we’ll explore deeply all the ways in which fear and survival-based habitual patterns get in the way of realizing happiness and fulfillment in our personal and professional relationships, careers, and life altogether. You will learn simple yet powerful tools for connecting with your innate goodness and wisdom, allowing you to shift unhelpful, self-limiting habitual patterns and create life you want.

We have all internalized a great deal of shame and trauma in our lives, some of us more so than others. It’s in the culture and inescapable. The same fear-based patterns that get in our way personally are also creating more inequity, suffering, shame, and trauma for everyone, especially those less privileged and marginalized in our society. These individual and collective fear and shame-based patterns are also causing unprecedented environmental damage and peril.

You can use the mindfulness-based skills and tools you will learn in this program to heal and transform yourself — and to co-create a more just, peaceful, enlightened, and sustainable culture, society, and world to pass on to our children, grandchildren and future generations.


For registration and more info, please visit copperbeechinstitute.org

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