Fleet Maull Listen to Fleet's latest talk at the Upaya Zen Center - Fleet Maull

Listen to Fleet’s latest talk at the Upaya Zen Center

You can now listen to Fleet's latest talk, Beyond Enemies: Sacred Outlook and Social Transformation, at the Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM. Recorded from his program at Upaya last month, the entire talk is available for streaming and download.

In the wake of Charlottesville, along with many other challenging scenarios domestically and around the world, Acharya Fleet Maull highlights the issues and concerns of having enemies. He questions how to see the Buddha nature in everyone during these troubling events.

In his discussion of the Tibetan term drala, defined as ‘going beyond enemy,’ he explores the basic goodness of all beings, “even if their behavior is bad or unskilled.” Fleet continues to explore the importance of having a contemplative practice so we do not continually reify duality in ways that create division, separation and harm to perpetuate samsara. He then opens the discussion to the local sangha to explore the tough issues of taking a stand without creating more enemies.

You can listen to the full talk at upaya.org

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