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Lead Others to Their Fullest Potential with Compassion, Mindfulness, and Full Awareness


What is Leadership?

Are you in a leadership position in your own life?  Effectively leading others first requires being in a leadership position with ourselves. How often do you feel like you are in a leadership position or role with yourself and your own life? How often do you feel like life is happening to you, or that you are a victim of your own conditioning, family of origin dynamics, economic limitations, etc.

"Mindful Leadership is an in-depth exploration and journey into the essence of leadership, beginning with how we relate with, feel and think about ourselves."

Mindful Leadership involves a deeply embodied approach to connection and relationship with ourselves and others. What will the Mindful Leadership training do for you?


Through Mindful Leadership, discover. . .

  • Your innate and unconditional basic goodness, intelligence, and wisdom
  • A more embodied, self-compassionate and ultimately liberating approach to mindfulness-awareness meditation
  • Deeper reservoirs of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual resilience and a greater capacity to serve
  • A greater capacity for self-awareness, emotion regulation, social awareness and authentic relationships
  • The secret to genuine self-empowerment, real personal freedom and limitless possibility
  • The essence of non-coercive, partnering, servant leadership and stewardship
  • The spirit of mastery and the joy of "living in the challenge" with bravery and dignity
  • Your true calling and destiny as an awake and compassionate human being


Fleet takes you through 7 carefully constructed modules to deepen your learning, including:


Module #1 - Mindfulness & Presence

Mindful leaders develop the capacity to be fully present with themselves and others.  Here we explore how to cultivate mindfulness and presence as foundational qualities for effective leadership.

Module #2 - Emotional Intelligence

Research has shown measurable differences in emotional intelligence to more clearly distinguish outstanding leaders from ordinary or less effective leaders than any other measure.  In this module, we explore the four domains of Daniel Goleman's mode of Emotional Intelligence (EI) as a basis for cultivating essential leadership qualities, capacities and skills.

Module #3 - Resilience, Flexibility & Availability

Mindful leaders are available to those they lead and have the flexibility to change their approach to leadership to meet people where they are and respond with what is most needed.  Availability and flexibility require resilience, a reservoirs of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength and energy that allows mindful leaders to remain in or find their way back to a responsive rather than reactive mode in even the most challenging situations.

Module #4 - Integrity & Ethics

There is almost universal agreement among theorists and teachers of leadership that integrity and ethics are two of the most crtical factors in effective leadership, and lack of which undermines even the most skillful leadership.  Mindful leaders place an extremely high value on their own integrity and have a very clear set of ethical principles and standards that guide their decisions and actions.   Here we explore what integrity in leadership means to us and how to clarify our ethical principles for leadership.

Module #5 - Radical Responsibility & Empowerment

Mindful leaders embrace extremely high levels of responsibility and accountability as assets and skillful means for empowering themselves and others.  Here we explore the provocative life distinction Circumstances Are Neutral at the heart of the Radical Responsibility model and the call to embrace 100% radical ownership of every circumstance we face as the doorway to empowerment and freedom.

Module #6 - Radical Possibility – Creativity and Innovation

Mindful leaders live, work and lead from the state of possibility.   In this module, we explore Radical Possibility as an approach to accessing and leading from an actual and experiential physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state beyond the mind of limitations, here referenced as the state of possibility.

Module #7 - Spirt of Mastery –  Lifelong Training and Practice

Mindful leaders never settle for the status quo or for anything less than their own and others highest possibilities.  They embrace the spirit of mastery.  Here we explore the idea of mastery, not as an end goal, but as a principle that informs our path as lifelong learners and mindful and transformative leaders always envisioning and seeking the very best in themselves and others.

Read some Participant Testimonials:

'Fleet's trainings have taken away my excuses. That one question, “Am I living above or below the line?” keeps me from pointing the finger anywhere but at myself.'

- Susan Phenix 

'Fleet Maull is as authentic as they come, and the ideas he shares are truly empowering.'

- Janet Swartz

'After training with Fleet, my life is easier, more fun and I have more clarity and I now get the things I want most out of of my relationships, my life purpose and my heart.' 

- Liz Carey

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