Fleet Maull Stay and Face It: Fleet Maull & Jerry Colonna on Reboot Podcast - Fleet Maull

Stay and Face It: Fleet Maull & Jerry Colonna on Reboot Podcast

#112 – Stay and Face It – with Fleet Maull


On this episode of the Reboot Podcast, Jerry is joined by Fleet Maull, a fellow coach, social entrepreneur, and author of the recently released book, Radical Responsibility. In this conversation, Fleet shares how his experience in the US prison system served as the impetus for the formation, development, and personal application of his radical responsibility philosophy. As Fleet characterizes, mindfulness, compassion, and the practice of loving-kindness are at the crux of radical responsibility. By embracing ownership for each and every circumstance we face in life (without assigning blame or cultivating a victim narrative) we are better able to reflect upon our current situations and assess creative solutions for moving forward.

In considering radical responsibility, Jerry and Fleet tackle three important questions: How am I complicit in creating the conditions I don’t want? In what way can I take ownership for circumstances that I may not have any complicity in? What can be gained from holding your seat amongst the chaos of life?

Listen to the Podcast Here.

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