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The Path of Freedom® is a cutting-edge mindfulness-based emotional intelligence curriculum for at-risk, incarcerated and released youth and adults developed by Kate Crisp and Fleet Maull through Prison Mindfulness Institute.  The Path of Freedom® (POF) online training is a six-week program designed to introduce prospective Path of Freedom® facilitators to the curriculum and launch them on their training path as POF facilitators.  Participants in this six-week online training quickly realize that the training is as much about their own growth and development as human beings as it is about becoming facilitators.  More than 1,200 people have completed the POF training online and found it incredibly valuable both personally and professionally.
The program is presented in a non-sectarian manner and is open to participants of any faith and/or those who do not identify with a particular faith tradition. The POF curriculum has received very positive reviews from experts in the corrections and social services fields.


For more information or to apply to the online Path of Freedom® training, please visit:

Prison Mindfulness Institute

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