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Fleet has been a Partner in the firm New Line Consulting since 2001.  New Line Consulting is a full service business and management consulting firm providing management consulting, executive coaching, leadership development & training, strategic planning, and other business consulting services to a wide array of clients in the for-profit, governmental and nonprofit sectors.  Fleet specializes in breakthrough, transformational, results-focused executive coaching with CEO's and other high impact leaders.  He also guides organizations through the kind of in-depth change, transformation and reengineering that drives innovation and high performance, setting business enterprises up for decades of profitable growth. 
Known as the "business doctor," Fleet specializes in guiding privately held and family businesses that are struggling to scale profitably, experiencing flat sales, losing market share and/or going through challenging generational or other ownership/management transitions through reengineering and transformation they need to set themselves up for ongoing profitable growth and scalability.
Fleet also specializes in coaching CEO's and business owners to not only lead their companies to great success, but to do so in the context of a successful, meaningful life.


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For more information about New Line Consulting, please visit:  http://new-line-consulting.com/


Fulfillment is a function of commitment.

Commitment is a function of self-knowledge.

A global survey by PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the Association Resource Centre found that the mean Return on Investment in coaching was 7 times the initial investment, and over a quarter of coaching clients reported a stunning ROI of 10 to 49 times the cost. (Forbes Magazine, January 2011)

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Once a professional reaches a certain level of technical expertise, further success depends to a great degree upon how they relate to their circumstances and on how well they communicate. Research indicates that 85-90% of star performance in senior executives depends upon "emotional intelligence": the ability to control one′s own attitudes; to express oneself clearly and responsibly; and to interact effectively with others. Our Executive Coaching helps leaders dramatically increase their emotional intelligence for a simple purpose: allowing them to reach their highest potential personally and professionally.

A More Fulfilling Professional Life

The secret to emotional intelligence is intimacy with oneself. Direct, challenging, innovative, and fun, Executive Coaching offers you the opportunity to get to know yourself in an entirely new way. It will focus on:

Personal energy management

Cultivating intention

Connecting with core values

Clear goal setting

Managing time effectively

Taking the risk of being a creator

These topics will be applied directly to the situations you face every day, helping you find greater fulfillment through improving your own performance and developing authentic wisdom about yourself.

Overcoming Obstacles

The most significant and challenging obstacles we face come from within us. Fortunately, they are also the ones we have the most power to change. Self-knowledge involves connecting with our strength and clarity but also facing our own shadow: the part of us that sabotages our best efforts or resists the changes we know we need to make. Coming to terms with these aspects of our personality is a vital part of the process of fulfilling our potential and the Executive Coaching format provides a mature, safe, purposeful arena in which to do that work.


Our Coaching Staff

The rapport between business leader and Executive Coach is the key to the transformational potential of the coaching relationship. All New Line Coaches are veterans not only of business but also of work on oneself as a way of life. We will help you connect to your essential gifts and learn to harness your shortcomings toward higher goals rather than denying or excusing them. The result will be more engagement, clarity, passion, and effectiveness in responding to the circumstances of your life.

Typical Format:

60 - 90 minute weekly or bi-weekly meeting plus occasional focused retreat time.

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